Tribute to our beloved Samy – Ivan Levin & Family

Date: 17 June 2017 at 22:09:38 BST
Subject: Tribute to our beloved Samy

My dearest Lizette,Aimy. Moshe ,Albert , Nissim and the family

The “End of an Era ” has the connotation that something special has occurred in the years preceding its closure.

This is how best I would describe our beloved Samy.

Regretfully over the last 16 years I didn’t see much of Samy , however he always remained closely in my thoughts .I saw him as the doyen of the family and always lovingly know as Samy Le Grand. What a beautiful way to describe a  man of his stature and elegance.

As I reminiscence, I think about his passion for the Kehilah Shalom and the most beautiful memory of him on the Bimah holding the Sefer Torah.That typical “Samy Smile” of pride and joy .

I think about the times he would say ” Bring the children to swim “, his house  and heart open to the world.A heart bigger than the African continent that he  loved so much.

Our dearest Samy may you be gathered unto your people and as your name correctly projects- Be the shining ANGEL that shines upon us all.

Rest in Peace knowing that you were loved by many.

Repose en Paix

Ivan Levin DipCBT MSET ACCPH Solutioncoach Dip.Performance and Life Coach

Certified NLP Practitioner

Mobile 07949472808


A Member of Counselling – CCC Registered Counsellor


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